My Grandmother's Space Suit (Biz/BTF/BS 2010)

Produced in UK by Marco Migliari, in the legendary Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, this album marks a major step and a big change in Fonderia's music evolution, featuring singers Barbara Eramo and Emmanuel Louis, plus Cristiano De Fabritiis on vibes.

re>>enter (VMS/BTF 2006)

Fonderia (Biz 2002 / BTF 2004)

Fonderia's second album, featuring Rodolfo Maltese from Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, sax player Marcello Allulli and percussionist Pap Yeri Samb, from Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio. Awarded at M.E.I. 2006 (Italian Meeting of Indie Labels) as best instrumental record.

The debut album, after a long period of experiments and never ending improvising sessions. Featuring DJ Mada and weird instruments inventor Chris Blazen. Awarded at Premio Darwin 2004 as best research music.

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Listen                                           CD                                Digital download

Listen                                        CD                                  Digital download