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Fonderia started in Rome in 1994. Some musicians meeting in a basement to free themselves in sessions of free improvisation, with no schedules nor prejudices. So, choosing the name Fonderia (“foundry”) was instinctive. Then a few years of break, and since 2000 it started again, with the production of three records, some changes and many concerts.

Meanwhile, the band evolved through several musical and professional experiences. It moved from improvising to compositions, and starting from its many influences, such as rock, funk, psichedelia, jazz and electro, Fonderia built up its personal and contemporary sound, yet faithful to the free attitude of the beginning.

Up to now, Fonderia released three albums that represent different steps in a musical research process. The latest one, “My Grandmother’s Space Suit” (Biz/BS/BTF 2010), was produced with Marco Migliari in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in UK, and marks a major step in the band’s evolution. Entirely produced in UK, this album features singers Barbara Eramo (in the single “Loaded Gun”) and Emmanuel Louis in “I can’t believe this is just a pop(e) song“.

The videoclip of Loaded Gun, directed by Antonello Schioppa and starring Stefano Fregni, was awarded in Roma Videoclip Festival 2010 (best video) and PVI - Italian Videoclip Award – 2010 (best cinematography).

Previous album, “re>>enter” (VMS/BTF 2006), features Rodolfo Maltese (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), Marcello Allulli and Pap Yeri Samb (Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio), and received Toast/M.E.I. award 2006 as best instrumental act at Italian Meeting of Independent Labels, while debut record “Fonderia” (Biz/BTF 2002) was awarded at Premio Darwin 2004 and in Capalbio Festival 2005, for “Piazza Vittorio” videoclip, directed by Antonello Schioppa.

Stage is the natural habitat for Fonderia, and up to now the band performed hundreds of concerts through Italy, and in Belgium, Luxembourg and UK, playing in festivals such as Arezzo Wave, Villa Celimontana Jazz, Lecco Art Lab, Strade del Cinema, Casa del Jazz, and performing with artists as Mauro Pagani (P.F.M.), Rodolfo Maltese (B.M.S.), actress/singer Angela Baraldi, and Oscar-winner director Gabriele Salvatores.

In parallel the band often performed live original music for silent movies of directors as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. These works were awarded in international festivals Rimusicazioni 2001 and Strade del Cinema 2003, for “My wife’s relations” by B. Keaton, released in the record “Notes on frame” (SDC 2003).

Further, Fonderia composed music for short films, theatre plays and television, collaborating also with Baffo Banfi from Biglietto per l’Inferno.

Emanuele Bultrini – guitars

Stefano Vicarelli – piano, synths

Paolo Pecorelli – bass

Federico Nespola - drums

L I N E - U P




My grandmother’s space suit (Biz/BS/BTF, 2010)







re>>enter (VMS/BTF, 2006)





Fonderia (Biz 2002 / BTF 2004)









Prog-Resiste CD sampler (Prog Resiste, 2010)

A tribute to Santana - Guitars dancing in the light  (Mellow Records, 2007)

Fuoriscena (Circolo degli Artisti, 2006)

Biglietto per l'Inferno Tribute Concert (live in Lecco 29/01/2005) – DVD (BTF, 2005)

Premio Darwin 2003-2004 – DVD (Laboratorio di Babele, 2005)

Primo Maggio Tutto l’Anno (Primo Maggio Tutto l’Anno, 2005)

Arezzo Wave 2004 (Ondanomala Records, 2004)

Notes on frame (Strade Del Cinema, 2003)



Loaded Gun (dir. Antonello Schioppa, 2010)

Piazza Vittorio (dir. Antonello Schioppa, prod. Officine29, 2004)

Half Die – The Movie (Digital Delicatessen, 2004)

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